I have been in the mortgage business since January of 2007. I was with the same Broker all the way through the downturn and the rebuilding of the industry which introduced the NMLS credential requirements to be a loan officer.
I have worked for both Retail and Wholesale lending institutions.

Currently I am working within the Broker environment because it provides a much broader selection of loan products for customers’ various needs.

In addition to this I am also on My HOA board of directors as President and have been President for the last six and a half years of the past 8 years of being on the board.

Within the city of Scottsdale I put together a total of 8 HOA’s which I chair to provide guidance to the City of Scottsdale Historical Preservation to work out functioning guidelines to protect the homeowners associations autonomy and provide individual protection of homeowners property rights.

  • Licensed in AZ, CA